Get the "I dont care" button for facebook!

Now that Facebook's "like" button is poised to take over the whole web, the campaign for a "dislike" button is more relevant than ever. But what about a third option, a "meh" option, an "I Don't Care" option? If you're a Google Chrome user, you can add "I Don't Care" to Facebook using the FBOSF extension.

OSF is an abbreviation of the French "on s'en fout," meaning "we don't care." If you install this extension, you'll be able to "meh" most things you can "like" now, and anyone else with the extension installed will see. Unfortunately, it's ad-supported, which can be a drag on the already ad-rich Facebook.

Also, if you 
really don't care about something, why take any action at all?

Because passive-aggression is a delight, obviously, but why 

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